Hero Siege Review

On Sunday nights I usually play a game called Hero Siege. A hack and slash multiplayer indie game. This game has gone through a lot of changes. When it first came out it was super fun, because it was very random and very fast paced. They have recently updated it with a new inventory system and added mana as a resource. These two changes have drastically changed the game and slowed the game-play way down. Now you have to stop and look over inventory instead of just quick do I want this item or not; like it used to be. Its still a fun game though. As my drawing illustrates though this game is completely full of bugs and is still in beta. You will be randomly stuck outside the map, one player will die and another play somehow becomes that character, Stickman Steve exists. The bugs though are kind of what makes this game so fun. You don’t know what is going to break and when. When something bad usually happens we scream, “BETA!”

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