Artist by Day – Gamer by Night


I am a Streamer. I started streaming in May of 2015 under the name of Remmels. I play games with friends and I draw in Photoshop. On the weekends you can find me playing rogue like multiplayer games with friends. Such as Hero Siege, Hammerwatch, and Wanderlust. During the week I am drawing weird things in Photoshop. I have drawn things as crazy as a dragon riding a sheep, a dinosaur poking people, a mean bean; just to name a few. Be sure to stop by the stream and join in the fun.

Questions and Answers:

Q – What were you in a past life?
A – I was an acorn

Q – What drawing program do you use?
A – Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Q – What tablet do you use?
A – Wacom Intuos

Q – Have a question? Just ask