Mini Paintings

I have been working on mini landscapes lately. They are 3.5 inch by 2.5 inch canvases. These were done with acrylic paints, and then sealed with a spray paint sealer. They are good practice and are a lot of fun to make. They are a very nice relaxing thing to do while watching television or listening to the radio. I highly suggest everyone give it a try. The little canvases that I have been using have a quarter inch thick frame to them. So they are not completely flat and have a little bounce to the canvas. Its challenging to paint this small. You have to have a small brush that has very set bristles in order for the paint not to glob up. A friend suggested I try a product called brush shaper to fix my brushes. It is designed to dry out after being put on your brush and thickens your bristles back to more of their original shape. I hope to make more of these tiny canvases in the future. I will also be selling a few of these on my Etsy shop.

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