Mean Bean Origins

“Ed you are a mean bean!” – Botulism_Sauce

It all started out with a young girl poking fun of a guy with a beard. Ed from Pokeyoureyesoutgames would sometimes say things like, “Your a butt.” The young girl, Botulism_Sauce, would say “Ed, you are such a mean bean.” This went on for sometime and we all thought this would make a great drawing. So one night I sat out drawing the Mean Bean in the likeness of Ed. With his red beard, glasses, and Australian style hat. It started out as a joke, but then Pokeyoureyesoutgames started playing the game Quiplash. Quiplash is game like Apples to Apples where you are presented with a category and then you have to provide a funny answer to go with it. Often times when you are playing Quiplash online with others you will have trolls join the game. The trolls muddle the game with swear words and vulgarity. Ed came up with an ingenious plan though to stop the trolls. He began using the Mean Bean drawing to cover up bad answers that would be entered into the game. It worked surprisingly well. The trolls slowly left and the people that truly wanted to play the game got to make the game enjoyable for all the viewers. The Mean Bean has lived on through Pokeyoureyesoutgames stream when they play Quiplash. You can also get it on a shirt at their store

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