Short Story 1

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Short Story

It was a day like any other day. Except today it was raining and the sky had an orange tinge to it. I had woken up and saw that the mail man was dropping off the daily mail. Not the newspaper by that name, of course, but my mail. The mail specifically marked to be hand delivered to my address. For 47 cents a small army of U.S. Postal workers passed these letters off, one by one, across 2,000 miles.

I changed out of my pajamas and into my day clothes. My usual of jeans, a printed graphic t shirt, and a button up shirt. My wife likes to call my button up shirts old farmer man shirts. Oh, and my blue shoes. I have four pairs of the same style of blue shoes. I went to open the door to go outside. When I grabbed the handle a large crashing sound came from somewhere across the street. I threw open the door to look, and I saw nothing. What happened? I questioned myself. In my head of course not actually saying it out loud. I forget how to do quotations at the moment. So, that will be inner dialogue.

I retreated back into the house and looked around. Nothing satisfied my curiosity. I couldn’t figure it out. I brushed it off and reopened the front door and walked out into the mist of rain. Its a long walk to our mailbox. You could probably fit six cars on either side of the driveway, if everyone parked close. Halfway down the driveway I looked back to the house and found the source of the sound. A small alien had landed his flying craft on the roof and had began dancing a jig. He was so small I couldn’t hear his jig on the roof. The sound was his large craft crashing into the roof when it landed. What on earth are you doing up there? Of course inner dialogue again so I don’t have to use quotations. He was just up there dancing. I couldn’t figure it out. I was more intrigued by his dancing than the thought of an alien being on my roof. I shook my head to try to get this image out of my head. Surely I am dreaming. I shook my head hard, it gave me a little bit of a headache, and to my relief the alien and his spaceship disappeared. Well, that’s gone, but what was that sound I heard?

I turned back around and headed back to the mailbox. By this time I was getting pretty wet and my clothes were getting heavy from the rain. It was helping me clear my head though. The cool rain falling on my hair. When I got to the mailbox I did my usual routine of looking down the road to make sure no cars were coming. There I saw the true source of the sound. A crazed neighbor had driven his lawnmower down the street crashing into every trash can along the street. There he was, he had to be in his 90’s, but there he was smiling from ear to ear laughing. He continued down the street smashing into them, but was much further down the road now. I shook my head and went back to the mailbox. At least someones getting a good laugh out of today, I thought to myself.

I reached down and opened up the mailbox. There it was staring back at me. I closed the lid and looked down the street at the neighbor crashing into more trashcans. I started laughing. Laughing loud enough that surely my other neighbors thought I had gone mad too. I opened the mailbox again and pulled out the only thing in there. There was a Pen Pineapple! I don’t know who sent this to me. But it brought tears of happiness and laughter to my eyes. Sometimes a weird little gift from a friend is all you need to make you smile.